Best Hamam’s To Visit In Antalya Baths

Best Hamam’s To Visit In Antalya Baths

From the past to the present,the bath culture continues with innovations. Turkish bath attracts great attention abroad. For this reason,those who come to our country definitely want to experience this awareness. The best Turkish baths to visit in Antalya,which receives the most foreign visitors to our country,are the most sought –after features. Here are the Antalya Baths with a style that changes according to the service you want to receive.

Falez Hamam & Spa

There is a sauna, spa and massage facility in the hammam in the center of Antalya. It can be preferred for those who want to get a quality and clean service. The vast majority of those who prefer this place offer one-hour massages to relieve the tiredness of the day

Address:Gürsu District. 10.Street. Number: 23-B    Konyaaltı

Antalya Hamamları

Falez SPA Vip

Arjana Spa Rixos Beldibi

It is possible to talk about a traditional service for those who are curious about the Turkish Bath and Turkish Culture. In addition,it is one of the important place to clean your body, soul and mind herbal teas.

Address:    Commander Atatürk Street   Number:67   Beldibi – Antalya

antalya hamamları

Antik Hamam ve SPA

Ancient Spa Hammam

The hammam, which operates in the center of Antalya,has foam, sauna and massage. The most important advantage is that it is in a central place like Muratpaşa.

Address:   Tucular Neighborhood Balıkpazarı Street Number:5 – Muratpaşa

Sefa Hammam

The hammam, which has a history of 600 years, still continues to serve.It should be noted that while male and female mixed services are provided, masseurs work as male.

Address: Barbaros Neighborhood Kocatepe Street Number:32    Antalya

antalya hamamları

Sefa Hamamı

Falez VIP

The hammam where every domestic and foreign tourist receives  service,operates for the people of Antalya in 4 seasons. It is possible to talk about a luxury service.

Address:    Toros Neighborhood 802 Street Number:4-C  Konyaaltı

antalya hamamları

Mega Hammam

Mega Hammam, where you can get massage service after hammam and hot bath service ,has been operating for about 14 years.

Address:    Güzeloba Neighborhood 2312 Street Number:6  Lara-Antalya

Antalya hamamları

Mega Hamam

Siam Spa & Thai Massage

Siam Spa&Thai Massage is one of the places where you can relieve the tiredness of the day and cleanse spiritually. May be interested in Thai Massage done here.

Address:     Kaleiçi, Calculater Gateway, Delight Deluxe Bouftique Hotel Antalya

Sirene Hammam & Spa

Sirena Turkish Bath and Spa Center, serving in the city center of Antalya ,was opened in 2020.There are 9 massage rooms  and 2 Vip massage rooms.

Address:    Arapsuyu Neighborhood 7 Street Number:3  Konyaaltı

Antalya Hammam

In order to reflect the Turkisk Cultere, it offers multiple resting rooms, vitamin bar with its historical style and Roman Bath and special cedar options for those who request it.

Address:   Altındağ Neighborhood 166 Street Number:16  Muratpaşa

Generally speaking, there are services such as foam,foam massage, bath and scrub in the baths. In addition to these, there are Antalya Baths that offer relaxation options after an hour of massage accompanied by special oils.

Many of the hotels that host guests on the coastline also have Hammam,Sauna and Spa services. However, with professional massage service and world-famous massage types, it may vary in the baths you want to receive service in order to be renewed.

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