Where is the Duden Waterfall? How to Get There? What is the Opening and Closing Time?

Where is the Duden Waterfall? How to Get There? What is the Opening and Closing Time?

Where is the Duden Waterfall? How to Get There? What is the Opening and Closing Time? The whole world has come to know that Antalya is closed to discussion in terms of tourism. Because the beauty here is nowhere in the world. Imagine a city that becomes a center of attraction when you step into it. In this sense, one of the beauty of Antalya, where we mentioned many sightseeing places and natural beauty, is the Duden Waterfall.

Duden Waterfall is located in Antalya city center in Kepez district. Although it is in an area that we can say at the back of the city, waterfall lovers can visit for a day trip in the heat of summer. Those who come from abroad and other cities denifitely want to see this place.

How to Get to Duden Waterfall?

The first part of the Duden Waterfall ,which you can see in two stages ,is located in Kepez ,while the part where it spills into the sea is located in Muratpaşa district.For this reason ,people who come here for the first time may be surprised where they will go.In this sense,the researches are carried out by GPS and location of the phones.The waterfall ,which is located in the Varsak region of Kepez,takes about 10 km from Antalya city center and takes a time period of 20 minutes.

Düden Şelalesine İlgi Artarak Devam Ediyor

Düden Şelalesine İlgi Artarak Devam Ediyor

Hom Much is the Entrance Fee to the Duden Waterfall?

Those who want to see the beauty of the sinkhole should pay 5TL here.Museum card is not valid here.The maintenance and all other services of this places are carried out by Kepez Municipality.Since it is in the city,you can go by public transport buses and vehicles numbered 78.

Duden Waterfall Visiting Hours

There are certain times for you to visit the waterfall and have a picnic here.While it is open between 09:00 and 19:30 in the summer season, it is between 09:00 and 19:00 in the winter season.

Duden Waterfall ,the Indispensable Address of Photographers

This place,which is a frequent destination for photographers ,is also one of the indispensable addrresses for those who take photography lessons.It is also seen here that the photographers collectively receive training and take pictures together.As a matter of fact,different squares emerge with a different view in each region.There are also walking areas for those who want to view the waterfall from different ways.

For those who are hungry ,there are places where you can have pancakes and breakfast ,as well as a restaurant where you can eat trout and other fish.There are also places where you can have a picnic and barbecue at the top of the waterfall.Here you can witness people picnicking all day long .

In the section where the water of Antalya Duden Waterfall is poured ,you sometimes see childeren swimming. Although people who cool of here in the heat of summer want to enter to water ,this a dangerous situation.Also, for photography lovers,you can get your photos from places that print in the company of parrots.

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